These classes are for you if you want to:

Familiarize your self with your camera.

Generally improve your photos.

Know how to handle common picture-taking situations.

Get more consistent results.

Get over your fear of digital photography.

Avoid common pitfalls and disasters.

Gain confidence in your photographic ability.

Spend more time behind the camera & less behind a computer.

Expand your photographic horizons.

Local New England photographer Kristin Hand has been instructing photography for over twelve years. Her hands-on approach and visual aids really help to bring home the concepts covered in her classes.

Kristin is here to help you get to know your camera better, regardless of the level of experience you currently have. From the true beginner, to more intermediate and advanced photographers, Kristin has a class that’s just right for you.

Choose from the following selections, and check often to see when the next round of classes is being presented.

Don't see what you need?  I can customize a learning experience just for you!  Contact me.

I will lead you where you want to go!

Merganser mommy & her chicks swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee, several are riding upon her back as she swims.  The others try to keep up.

Getting Started / Beginner level

This very basic class is geared toward the digital beginner. Just got your FIRST digital camera -- or a New to You camera? Still getting used to all the terminology? In this hands-on class, Kristin will show you, on your own camera, what you need to know to get started in digital photography. The first session covers information about the camera and it’s accessories, the second class covers your printing and storage options.

Suggest one-on-one class(es),

$50 per hour, Contact me for availability.

Show Me More / Intermediate level

This class is for the individual who has owned a digital camera for a while, but wants to know “What are all these other buttons for?” Can’t wade through the camera manual? Want someone to just show you where to find all these other options? Need to know why you want to know how to use the advanced modes? This class is for you. Advanced photo modes, flash modes, techniques for better focus and exposure will be covered.  

This class gives you the "quick answer" for how to get that shot that you've seen.

Two week class, $95

Next class dates:

To Be Determined post-Covid-19.

6:30-8:30 pm

Digital SLR / Intermediate level

This class is geared toward DSLR (interchangeable lens) camera owners, or compact camera owners who want to learn more about what their cameras can do. Similar in concept to the Show Me More class, only getting even deeper into topics like White balance, ISO or “film speed”, metering basics, exposure compensation, and focus modes. Add-ons and accessories available for SLRs will be included, as time permits.  

This class gives you the understanding behind the "why & how" to get the shot you have seen or imagined.

Three week class,


Next class dates:

To Be Determined post-Covid-19.

6:30-8:30 pm

Creative Control / Intermediate to Advanced level

This class is for either digital or 35mm users, as long as the camera allows the changing of manual settings. This class covers the “Traditional” manual settings in detail: shutter speed, aperture, ISO or "film speed", metering, and exposure compensation. We will tackle each of these as a separate module, and then put it all together in a way that really allows you to see how each contributes to your perfect photograph. Some advanced composition tips and lighting techniques will also be included.

This class gives you the tools you need to give your imagination full rein, and craft images that speak to you.

Three week class, $150

Next class dates:

To Be Determined post-Covid-19.

6:30-8:30 pm

Currently, classes are just starting up again post-pandemic. Soon we will be contacting those on our email list to make arrangements. To be added to the email list, please email Kristin Hand directly at (yes, that is the letter Y - not gmail, tku). Classes can be held throughout the Lakes Region and Concord NH areas. Feel free to let me know of a space near you that can accommodate 6-8 people! One-on-one classes are also available. Please inquire if interested.