"It was better than I expected because it was so customized to each of us ... I now will feel confident about shooting & printing pictures."

At the start of each new class, Kristin will take the time to find out a little about everyone's skill level, and make sure the class is an appropriate one for you. Beginners, especially, like to know that everyone else is "in the same boat". Intermediate camera buffs generally want to find out more about their camera's settings, and how to set them quickly. More advanced photographers are usually looking to hone a particular skill, or learn "how'd they do that?".

"Kristin is a wonderful instructor. She knows her cameras and knew how to teach us about ours."

Most photographers are visual learners, and respond best to a show me, don't tell me approach. Kristin uses a lot of visual aids; prints, white board, projected images. By seeing real-life examples of the concepts being discussed, you get to follow along the progression from what makes an adequate photo, to what makes a spectacular photo.

Kristin creates a safe, relaxed learning environment where students can feel comfortable sharing their photographic successes, and their failures. Often, we can learn more from the photos that didn't work. Once we get beyond that point, and the students are trying new things, their personal creativity really comes into play. It is great to see genuine positive feedback from the students, as well as the instructor.

"It helped to jump-start my basic knowledge of photography & spark my desire to get more creative."